Meet Dan Curl

danEvery building tells a story. Every building tests an inspector’s ability to look, listen, comprehend and communicate that story.

What is the building’s history, it’s strong and weak points, general condition and specific defects?

This puzzling out of how buildings work: how they meet or don’t meet functional and safety standards; that is the question. It is both challenge and satisfaction.

Understanding and sharing building stories requires curiosity, intelligence, and a keen eye. The toolbag between my ears holds 30 years of inspection experience, an appreciation of Building Science (how forces of nature, occupancy and use interact with the built environment), an abiding interest in history and architecture, and of the pattern language that binds together each element.

Your inspection will be accompanied with knowledge.

Every inspection comes with a free education!

I am Experienced
I have been a home inspector in Atlanta since 1986. I have conducted thousands of inspections in Metro Atlanta: residential and light-commercial construction, homes new and old, large and small, single and multi-family.

I am a Student
I study homes and how they work; consult with professionals, tradesmen and suppliers. I subscribe to trade publications, attend conferences, maintain code certification and membership in inspection and building associations.

I am a Teacher
I've been teaching Building Science at the Emory University Center for Lifelong Learning for three years. Teaching helps me organize and clarify information gathered over time and I like to write about this information in my blog.

I am a Detective
I like the problem-solving part of my job the best. I have to say I really love what I do. Knowing WHY there’s a problem is as important to me as knowing WHAT is wrong.

I am Real
I live in Intown Atlanta, "City of Trees"; South of the North and North of the South but grew up in the SF Bay Area, Seattle and Austin Texas. I am married to a Japanese woman and father of two adopted Peruvian children.  I spend some of my free time volunteering with Villa International, host to scientists studying at the Centers for Disease Control, Emory's Rollins school of medicine, hospitals and research institutions located along the "Clifton Corridor".

I am a Survivor
In 94-95 I survived 3B Head and Neck Cancer and now try to help others through their time of trial.

I am Certified
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