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2014 Atlanta Home Trends

By Dan Curl | Apr 22, 2014 |

These real-world trends in the Atlanta market are worth a look. Thanks to agent Peggy Desiderio and landscape contractor David Curl for your knowledge and advice   Walk To Pizza What was once a lifestyle decision is now an economic necessity.   This nation-wide trend holds for Atlanta, ITPand OTP.                 Take the Last Train to Boomerville  Ranch-condo quads…

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Dan's List: Media, Products and Services With not much of an apology to Angie

By Dan Curl | Mar 29, 2014 |

Homes on TV Tearing houses apart makes for a show, not an inspection.  The inspector’s goal is not to entertain but to assess and recommend cost-effective repairs. If Tom tells Kevin “We’ll just have to tear it out and start over” he’s spending money most of my clients don’t have.   The success of This Old House created a market for home-style reality…

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Open Up

By Dan Curl | Mar 12, 2014 |

For 28 years I’ve seen the windows of neglect: bound with paint, sashes screwed shut, locked-never to be opened, damaged hardware and screens, rotted sills. No matter what type home, town or country, big or small, rich or poor, black or white, folks do not open windows.   Windows are designed for the simultaneous and independent control of: Natural illumination Natural ventilation:  The subject of…

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Ice, Snow and Old Houses

By Dan Curl | Feb 18, 2014 |

Notes on Stormageddon and the Decatur Old House Fair In my capacity as an engineering technician I’ve learned to evaluate storm damage.  Keep me in mind if you’ve got tree-on-the-house. I spoke to an arborist who told me many firms do not charge to assess trees.  They make their money on surgery, trimming and removal. Public adjusters assist homeowners by ensuring hazard insurance…

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Cold-Weather Comfort and the three-legged stool

By Dan Curl | Dec 17, 2013 |

Cold, Comfort and Energy Cold-Weather Comfort and the three-legged stool Building Science has shown there are three components required for comfort and efficiency:   A source of energy  A building enclosure in which the flow of energy is controlled   A system of delivering energy from a source to the enclosure  Of these three sources of…

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Tips for Home Christmas Gifts

By Dan Curl | Dec 13, 2013 |

Comfort, health, safety and efficiency are great presents for your whole family Open on Christmas Eve:  Decorative handles remind you to OPEN and CLOSE your chimney damper.  Open dampers are holes in your home’s comfort and efficiency. Greenlight:  LED Christmas lights are easy to install, easy on your power bill and don’t overload circuits.   Frosty Windows:  Energy…

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Downhill Irrigation

By Dan Curl | Dec 10, 2013 |

This cistern harvests rainwater from the Hammond Park gymnasium roof and uses it to irrigate the soccer field.   Less energy is needed to irrigate because the cistern is located below the roof and above the field. There is no charge for the rainwater….or gravity The economy here is eliminating the cost of extracting water…

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Building Science and Home improvement

By Dan Curl | Dec 4, 2013 |

Fundamental #1: Managing Moisture There is no getting around it; the first step toward improving your home’s comfort, health and efficiency is moisture control. Here’s a case study in moisture control-at my house.  Basic Concepts Liquid water is best managed by slowing and dispersion, ambient moisture (relative humidity) by venting outside or dehumidification. Bottom of…

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Sustainable Life

By Dan Curl | Nov 8, 2013 |
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Sustainable Savings Time

By Dan Curl | Nov 7, 2013 |

  Green building practices save money.  Use them when you build, renovate or replace.  Maximum savings begin with good design Atlanta’s Southface Energy Institute is regional leader in sustainable building Climate-specific primer on efficient and durable residential construction Saving money is good business for this Washington DC company   Open windows are cheaper than fans,…

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