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Sustainable Fundamentals: the Green Building Pyramid

By Dan Curl | Dec 6, 2011 |

Green Builder magazine recently re-issued their Homeowner’s Handbook.  The Green Building Pyramid lays out a logical path towards efficiency and health.  We all remember the food pyramid: What you find at the base of the Green Building Pyramid may surprise you. Siting/OrientationHow the building is placed in relation to the sun and surrounding terrain Location: …

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By Dan Curl | Nov 27, 2011 |

Friends of Candler Park Golf Course now has a website More Atlanta Golf:  Practice round at the PGA.  Ryo Ishikawa is the Japanese 18 year old sensation.  Skinny kid with a beautiful swing and signature orange outfit.  He bombed at the tournament:  last place before the cut Candler Park Beaver cleaning up the pond.  I…

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By Dan Curl | Nov 22, 2011 |

Word has it that they want to change the Candler Park Golf Course.  No Way, Jose!  CPGC is the quintessential neighborhood course:  9 holes, great for practicing your short game, a place to teach kids and newbies the game, 10 bucks weekday for city residents, center for snow day sledding, nighttime after-party rounds, small greens,…

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Understanding How Buildings Work: Speaking the Language of Architecture

By Dan Curl | Nov 17, 2011 |

Edward Allen’s book “How Buildings Work The Natural Order of Architecture” provided a basis for my course “How Homes Work”.  In this abridged excerpt from his conclusion he talks about windows: “A standard residential window of the most common type allows for the simultaneous and independent control of: Natural illuminationNatural ventilationView outView inPassage of insectsPassage of…

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Roof Water Formula: The Wet Underwear Analogy

By Dan Curl | Nov 1, 2011 |

I tell clients that ignoring moisture control is like wearing wet underwear to work:  you’re appearance is acceptable but you are destined to have difficulties in the future.  Most moisture related problems are cumulative, not catastrophic and that is why so little attention is paid them.  Moisture and its’ effects remain, like underwear, unseen (most…

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Rest Stop Recycling Center

By Dan Curl | Oct 29, 2011 |

Countries with fewer resources recycle more.  In some recycling is a cultural norm-it is part of the national character.  Japan is one such country.  This photo was taken at a freeway rest stop:  note how consumers are required to sort recyclables.  We in the US don’t recycle at this level because it is not cost-effective…

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Filter Defects Redux: Dryer Sheet Defect

By Dan Curl | Aug 31, 2011 |  The thermal fuse on the dryer at the Clifton house failed.  The probable cause: Our tenants used Dryer sheets to prevent static cling, soften clothes, improve wrinkle resistance and make their clothes smell good.   Wax on the dryer sheets fouled the lint filter with a clear coating.  The repairman demonstrated how water would not…

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Womens World Cup: The Japanese Connection

By Dan Curl | Jul 10, 2011 |

Homare Sawa, from Fuchu (in metroTokyo on the Keio Line past Chofu), played for the Atlanta Beat in 2002. My daughter Hana (playing out of the Decatur Y for Arsenal, Luma Mufleh, coach) shouted to her after a game that her Japanese mom would cook her a real Japanese dinner.  A few days later Sawa…

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Eco-Inspector Duct Madness: A law of Physics trumped by law of Commerce

By Dan Curl | Jul 9, 2011 |

The builder of this new home explained to me that he KNEW the county building inspector and that the ducting was OK with him (the county inspector).  The photos connect:  the second photo is the same duct run that exits the left side of the first one.  Such an egregious violation of a basic principal…

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Toilet Training Day and Holmes on Homes

By Dan Curl | Jul 7, 2011 |

Inspectors get to be nosy and complain.  We also crawl in narrow wet spaces and in cramped, overheated attics.  Minor absurdities abound.  Not very hard to find them if you know where to look.  TV personalities with image and attitude make a living scaring the daylights out of homebuyers:  professional inspectors have to work within…

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